10 minute workout

The Truth About 10-Minute Wokrous

The latest trends in fitness are leaning toward the ‘shorter is better’ philosophy…but do these extremely shortened workouts really get the job done? Well, you can’t deny that the days of spending hours running, biking or doing any other number of slow boring, cardio-based exercise sessions (Jazzercise anyone?) are long gone. People flat out don’t…

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meal prep2

Meal Prep for People Who Hate Cooking

One of the biggest obstacles to fitness is getting your ducks in a row. You don’t get yourself prepared for the week, and then disaster starts to happen. Or maybe you give yourself a challenge, like this woman did, to not eat out for two weeks and you end up eating PBJ or other high calorie…

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low carb pumkin muffins

Foodie Friday: Low Carb Pumpkin Muffins

Ok, it’s that time of year for Pumpkin everything. Here is my contribution. A muffin that isn’t sugary, starchy and devoid of nutrients – like the muffins at your favorite coffee shop. These muffins are rich in beta-carotene and contain half an egg’s worth of high quality protein. The delicately sweet flavor will satisfy and…

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quick tips

The Skinny Eating Often

Do you “snack” right? Or is your snacking adding unwanted inches to your midsection? You’ve heard that snacking or eating often throughout the day is good for your metabolism. It’s something that we read about and hear “fitness experts” encourage the people to do. Everyone wants to be fit, lean, and healthy so…… we snack…

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ab exercises

Your Best Ab Exercises

Are you still doing dozens of crunches and situps in the hopes of getting flat, washboard abs? Traditional crunches are old news and plain don’t work, so let’s take your ab routine to the next level with the following 5 Best Ab Exercises. The most effective ab exercises strengthen your core as a whole –which…

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stop wasting time

Stop Wasting Your Time

How many times have you told yourself that you’d exercise and get fit, “if only I had the time”? If I had a dollar for time I’ve heard the I-don’t-have-time excuse… Plenty of new and exciting research is coming out in favor of shorter, more intense workouts. The old way of exercising at a low…

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Lazy woman in sport clothing sitting front of the TV and doesn't wont to exercise.

Are You Lazy?

I know a lot of lazy people. Seriously….A LOT! These people would rather spend the day spread out like a blanket on their couch than anywhere else. These people who choose take-out over a healthy home cooked, every night of the week. These people who would rather have a root canal than go do anything…

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5 Summer Body Myths (and 3 Steps to Look Amazing)

There’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself in a bathing suit sometime this month. If you are like most people then that realization will 1) bring a grimace to your face and 2) will motivate you to lose some weight. While I commend your desire to slim down before baring it all, I’m here…

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Cinco De Mayo Guacamole

Cinco de Mayo usually means people like to plow through a few tons of chips & dips and drink a few too many cervezas. Then they end up digging themselves out of seven layers of guilt. I can help with at least part of that with the unbelievably good (and healthy) guacamole recipe. So this…

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6 Best Exercises For Your Booty

Here’s the article that you’ve been waiting for – everything you need to know to shape up your booty in time for swimsuit season. Here are the 6 Best Exercises for Your Booty: BEST Booty Exercise #1: LUNGE An amazing exercise that targets the muscles of your butt, thighs, and hips is the lunge. Putting…

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What Is Clean Eating

What Is Clean Eating? Nobody wants to eat dirty. It just sounds gross. But if you’re not eating clean, that may be your only option. So you may be wondering what it takes to take the dirt out of your diet and wash it off so you can dine on the clean diet you deserve.…

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12 Easy Steps For Summer Ready Abs

12 Easy Steps For Summer Ready Abs

Spring has arrived, bringing with it the promise of warm weather to come. You know what happens when the weather warms up? People put on short shorts, sleeveless shirts and bathing suits. Are you ready to bare it all this summer? If not, no worries, there is still time. Follow these 12 steps to get…

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Protein Cookie Dough Bites

Ok, Spring is on the way and you may already be thinking about pools, waterskiing, camping swimsuits, short shorts and sleeveless shirts. Maybe you have been extra good about your nutrition and killing it in your workouts, doing extra cardio when  you can and hoping to debut a new body this summer. BUT…you’re also human…

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“I don’t have time to exercise”: That’s BS!

I hear the “I don’t have time to exercise” excuse from people on a daily basis. People have their job, friends who want to meet them for happy hour, kids, sports schedules and, of course, their favorite TV shows. Sometimes people feel like there is no time, and for many (especially moms I find) they…

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Gut Permeability and Your Diet

More and more we are hearing about food allergies and food sensitivities.  Because they are such common conditions, it is important to understand the difference between the two and what the health issues are which surround them. The difference between food sensitivities and food allergies Though on the surface food sensitivities and food allergies may…

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